Transparency and efficiency.

Hope is committed to the protection of children in need in Italy and in the Middle East and bases its action on a type of practice and policy that are different from those of most international non-profit organizations.


Since its foundation, most of the resources Hope collects and employs in its humanitarian projects have been directly donated to the final beneficiaries in Italy, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria.

As of today, Hope has finalised and accomplished humanitarian projects meeting the needs of communities for over 10 million euros. These resources, that Hope collects through an effective fundraising activity especially among private institutions and foundations, are used to create hospital departments, nursery schools, paediatric centres, reception houses and other effective humanitarian projects.

Hope’s innovative accounting policy is based on the following principle: for every 5 euros donated, 1 euro is directed to the Hope Onlus economic accounts, while the remaining 4 euros go directly to the recipients of humanitarian projects.



The Hope team, composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals with previous work experiences in the “profit sector” , manages and keeps track of every single euro employed in its humanitarian projects with transparency and efficiency, scrupulously monitoring the use of financial resources donated to local beneficiaries for them to develop solutions meeting their specific and principal needs.

Financial resources are used to help communities and children in need and to efficiently involve more and more donators: 89% for projects, 6% for fundraising, 5% for general support.