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Pandoro Star Hope

A typical Veronese soft Christmas brioche. With its characteristic star shape, the Pandoro has a delicate taste of butter and a delicious scent of vanilla, completed by a white coat of icing sugar. The traditional natural leavening process and the superior quality of the ingredients make this original pandoro star unique (750g).

Donation of £30

Artisanal Panettone Hope

A delicious panettone of the highest quality produced according to the ancient Milanese tradition handed down to Tancredi and Alberto di T’a Milano. It stands out for its artisanal recipe and the choice of fine ingredients selected from the best Italian cultivations: fresh eggs, milk and mountain butter, sultanas and orange, citron and lemon peel. The refined aromas, the soft texture and the Sicilian candied citrus fruits will cheer every moment of celebration.

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Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Riserva

The timeless and unsurpassed delicious Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Riserva Dop aged 24 months from the Dairy Due Madonne. Tasty, not spicy taste, with an aroma reminiscent of dried fruit and hay. It will amaze you with its unique, unmistakable and inimitable characteristics that make it the emblem of Italy at the table. 1300 g pack with small knife.

Donation of £50

Kit Parmigiano Cheese and Pear jam

An original kit with the Parmigiano Reggiano Riserva DOP 24 months from the Dairy Due Madonne (500 g). You can savor the aroma and sweet taste of a short chain production, with milk from selected farms close to the dairy. The gift box is enriched by the small typical knife and the Cream of Pears and Balsamic Vinegar I.G.P. (120 g), a tasty sauce to combine with Parmigiano Reggiano to enhance its seasoning.

Donation of £35

Felino Salame Fratelli Boschi

It is the salami par excellence, the first vocation of Fratelli Boschi cured meats, the small great masterpiece of the town of Feline. With its coarse-grained pasta, tasty and sweet at the same time, it is the most classic and inviting salami, the more typical product of the first hills of Parma: it cannot be missing on the Christmas table. 900 g salami.

Donation of £40

Special Strolghino Fratelli Boschi

A unique, sweet and refined flavor. Made with the fine trimmings of Culatello, lean and delicate it is perfect as
appetizer or as a snack to offer and enjoy at any time of the day. 250 g strolghino.

Donation of £20

HOPEbox Traditional

High-quality local products typical from Italian tradition. Bronze drawn pappardelle Filotea Le Matassine 250 g, Organic Tuscan tomato with basil 340 g, Olives Paté Filotei Arquata del Tronto 130 g, Sassaiolo Rosso Piceno Superiore 750 ml.

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HOPEbox Magnum

Excellent high-quality local Italian products selected by Hope. Barolo Sette Cascine vintage 2016 750 ml, Artisanal Panettone T’A Milano Antica Ricetta Milanese 1000 g, , Artichoke Cream Filotei Arquata del Tronto 130 g, Olives, tomatoes and capers Cream Filotei Arquata del Tronto 130 g, Parmigiano Reggiano Riserva 24 months Due Madonne 1300 g, New Extra virgin Olive Oil 100% Made and produced in Liguria Region with taggiasche olives 1 lt.

Donation of £110

Balsamico Riserva

A delicious and precious taste in this dark, concentrated and intensely flavoured vinegar originating in Italy, made wholly from grape must. Balsami Vinegar 100 g made with an ancient recipe by the dairy Due Madonne in Reggio Emilia, obtained by a reduction of pressed Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes. Excellent with cheese, salad, meat.

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Classic Barolo Magnum 1,5 L

Prestigious 1.5 lt Magnum bottle of Barolo Classico Fontanafredda, vintage 2014. The color is medium garnet red; intensity with ruby ​​reflections. The nose is rich in aromas reminiscent of small red fruit and violets. A classic of the Christmas tradition for unforgettable gifts.

Donation of £80

T’A Milano Convivium

The perfect Italian elegance mixed with natural flavours. A selection of handcrafted chocolates designed by Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna in a stylish box. Fruit and chocolate come together in an original and delicious mix of flavors. Assortment for all tastes in 970 g of chocolate: dark and coffee, dark and orange, dark and wild berries, dark and amaretto, milk and hazelnut, milk and pistachio, milk and almond, milk and strawberry, milk and marron glacé and 1 66% dark chocolate.

Donation of £90

T’A Milano Scrignum

The assorted selection of handcrafted chocolates designed by Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna is contained in a box full of magic Italian taste. An elegant package all to be discovered, an irresistible assortment of gluttony in 570 g chocolate. Dragées and boules in dark and milk chocolate, dark and orange, dark and wild berries, dark and amaretto, milk and hazelnut, milk and pistachio, milk and almond. A fantastic gift.

Donation of £70

100% cashmere Scarves Made in Italy designed by Barbara di Davide for Hope

A beautiful gift for anyone who loves elegance and unmistakable style. The 100% cashmere scarves of the Milanese designer Barbara Del Davide are entirely Italian production, with a short supply chain controlled for the quality of the raw materials and the attention to detail in the workmanship. Now as in the past they are made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen in many colors. Available in ivory white, pearl gray, blue, black, beige. Other colors on request.

Donation of £60

100% cashmere Neck scarves designed Barbara di Davide for Hope

For adults and children, the very comfortable 100% cashmere neck warmer scarf is an original and useful gift that will surely make the recipient happy. The quality of a 100% Made in Italy artisan supply chain guarantees a unique and timeless collection for taste and originality. Available in ivory white, pearl gray, blue, black, beige. Other colors on request.

Donation of £50