Our core mission is to give hope to children living in critical circumstances. Hope operates through co-development health and education programmes to protect children at risk. Its practice is based on innovative intervention methods promoting effective and sustainable paths targeting the beneficiaries’ specific needs.


Hope develops and runs its humanitarian programmes with a profit-sector inspired workflow responding to specific requests coming from hospitals, orphanages, schools, nursery schools, migrant-reception and first-aid centres by implementing processes of community empowerment and consolidation.


Hope bases its everyday action on the firm belief in the unquestionable value of every life, and on the dialogue and co-existence beyond different religious beliefs, ethnic affiliations, and socio-economic conditions.

All its projects encourage an active involvement inspired by a sense of solidarity and responsibility, based on principles of sustainable development. Hope sets out to fight inequalities and provide tangible opportunities to the most vulnerable; Hope earns the trust of its beneficiaries by caring about their value and delivering specific solutions to their specific needs.


Hope was founded in 2006 by Elena Fazzini. Ever since, aided by a team of highly committed voluntary specialized professionals, Hope has been by the side of children in need, meeting specific needs and building sustainable solutions.


Hope Onlus manages and keeps track of every single euro employed in its humanitarian projects with transparency and efficiency. For every five euros donated, 1 euro is directed to the Hope Onlus economic accounts, while the remaining 4 euros go directly to the beneficiary of the humanitarian project.