Hope operates to reconstruct and rebuild school and health buildings where natural catastrophes and war have destroyed everything leaving behind only ruins and entire families with nothing.

It intervenes through professional training courses and the creation of micro enterprises in order to offer a better future and an opportunity of development for the community economic recovery.


Hope sustains institutional and local communities educational initiative in order to encourage an active involvement inspired to the values of solidarity, shared responsibility and sustainable development.

It intervenes to expand and build primary and nursery schools, to develop innovative and replicables schooling programs, to promote training activities to give access to information technology to all segments of the population.


"Sport for Hope" represents an opportunity for sport to become an ambassador of projects developed by the non-profit organization for the protection of children and women.


Hope intervenes in the health sector to make all health services accessible to as many people as possible. He works for the creation and regeneration of hospital departments, for the training and updating of medical personnel, for the realization of health and hygiene education programs aimed above all at women and girls.