Corona Virus Emergency

Help our Task Force at the forefront of the Covid-19 Intensive Care emergency.

Corona Virus Emergency: Support Hospitals with Hope.

Hope is an independent, non-profit, lay organisation founded by Elena Fazzini in 2006 specialized in health and education humanitarian projects, always developed as a form of response to emergency situations. Since 2 March 2020, Hope has been on the forefront at the service of the Intensive Care units of the Hospitals of Lombardy in their war against Corona Virus, sourcing life-saving electromedical equipment via non-institutional channels, donating this much needed equipment to hospitals in difficulty.

Without forgetting the other Hope projects that are currently underway, the exceptional nature of the present emergency and the need for prompt response has led to the creation of a specific Covid-19 Hope Task Force.


The Coronavirus Crisis Unit of Lombardy, coordinated by Prof. Antonio Pesenti with a technical team of experts, provides Hope with daily updates on the situation, specifying what instrumentation is needed and its cost. With this information, Hope collects the funds and purchases the necessary equipment importing it from China, Japan and Germany, to then donate and deliver it to the hospitals. Once assembled, in 20 minutes’ time, the equipment is ready to be used to cure Covid-19 patients in the intensive care units of the hospitals across Lombardy.


Hope’s direct channel with the hospitals’ clinical engineering departments makes all operations fast and highly effective. The Policlinico, Sacco, Mangiagalli, and Niguarda hospitals in Milan, San Gerardo in Monza and, thanks to Prof. Antonio Pesenti, the hospitals of Bergamo, Brescia, Lodi, Crema, Treviglio, Seriate and Sondalo, are some of the structures that have benefited from Hope Onlus’ donations.

Hope’s expertise in this sector has translated in an effective selection and evaluation process followed by the purchasing of the needed equipment, in compliance with European Union and Italian regulations, complete with a 24-month guarantee and technical assistance. Hope Onlus has so far independently imported over 90 life-saving electromedical devices, which over the last weeks have been donated to and installed in the Intensive Care Units of the hospitals that needed them the most.

Importing medical equipment from Germany, Japan, and China is a complex process that Hope Onlus is promptly able to tackle and supervise, setting itself two main objectives: guarantee quality and timeliness in responding to the intensive care units' calls and rapidly find the necessary financial resources to purchase these medical supplies.

The intervention priorities are set directly by Professor Pesenti (Head of the Crisis Unit). Every medical equipment supply request is monitored to verify the level of urgency.

In addition, everyday Hope Onlus donates and delivers 250 healthy freshly made meals – sandwiches, salads and fruit – to doctors and nurses working in the Intensive Care unit of the Policlinico Hospital of Milan.

Voluntary donations allow us to continue helping Intensive Care Units and Hospitals. Join us, make a donation to collect the necessary funds to purchase other portable ultrasound machines. The lives of people infected by Covid-19 depend entirely on doctors and on life-saving equipment.

Keep on helping Hope – the non-profit association working on the Corona Virus health emergency since 2 March 2020. Support us with your donations.