To carry out its humanitarian programmes Hope adopts a profit-sector inspired workflow.


Hope specialises in health, education, and culture projects, basing its action in multi-ethnic and multi-religious contexts and relying on the expertise of Italian and highly specialized local professionals. Hope identifies the best practices in terms of education, health, socio-economic programmes transferring them to the beneficiaries, facilitating processes of empowerment and local capacity building.

Hope develops a consistent operative strategy specialising in co-development projects, favouring effective and sustainable solutions targeting the beneficiaries’ specific needs.


Hope initiates processes of social innovation through a methodological approach that increases the quality of the help it provides to those in need, defining projects capable of sourcing value and delivering results with immediate social impact.

Hope carries out pilot projects that can be replicated in contexts that although different share a common history and culture.

Innovative intervention protocols create tangible and long-lasting opportunities for the improvement of the beneficiaries’ living conditions, assuring a social impact favouring the protection of children and women. Hope’s original replicable projects are being acknowledged as best practices and adopted as network educational protocols in Italy and in the Middle East.

Every life counts.

Hope focuses each project on the unique value of every single life and of each person’s potential. Its education and health programmes are inspired by our commitment to provide support to individuals in need, establishing harmonious, positive and privileged relations with local communities. Every action is aimed at fostering active involvement based on the principles of subsidiarity, joint responsibility and sustainable development. People taking part in our programmes are encouraged by our team to engage in a process of discovery of one’s own potential, competence and personal resources. Each project is conceived as an effective tool to promote this kind of awareness causing an individual impact capable of generating a positive change.


Hope’s operative process works towards sustainable development through the continuous promotion of key environmental, economic and socially sustainable values. Hope manages its financial resources to ensure a balanced investment/result outcome with particular focus on the identification of management control tools that gradually allow the local partners to reach a level of autonomy. By operating directly with the local communities in which it intervenes, Hope is able to develop with them sustainable programmes respecting and promoting their identity and uniqueness.